2014 News

Philip Bamberg will attend these events:

May 31

- Indiana DIY in Ft Wayne [new window]

May 2-4

- Lone Star Audio Fest 2014 in Dallas [new window]

April 25-27

Series 3TMW and Series 5MTM demo at Get-Together in Naperville, IL concurrent with - AXPONA 2014 in Chicago [new window]
(Reservation required - please contact us.)

March 12

Series 3 TMW active official launch

2013 News

October 1

Series 2-TM review by Home Theater Shack published

August 28

B-stock Series 5 TMW in Cherry/Bronze on sale for $6995 ($1255 off)!

August 8

The Series 5 MTM cabinet design has been optimized for CNC fabrication.

July 15

The Series 3 cabinet has been redesigned for even higher performance. By fitting a large 4" diameter vent and elbow ...

June 26

New! Series 2 TM kit with ScanSpeak Discovery drivers available.

June 22

New! Series 5-MTM released.

May 6

Series 2-TM out for review by Home Theater Shack

Apr 6

Horizontal polar response graphs added to S6-tmw, S5-TMW and S2-TM specs pages

2013 Events

Philip Bamberg was in attendance at these events:

May 3 - 5

- John Janusz show report on Lone Star Audio Fest in Dallas. [new window]

(There are three posts for the Series 5 TMW in this thread.)

April 27

- Iowa Get Together near Des Moines [new window]

Series 5 TMW's cast a big holographic image in David Beck's 17' x 35' listening space!

April 20

- InDIYana 2013 in Ft Wayne [new window]

March 20 - Gateway Audio Society [new windows]

Thanks to all the GAS members who attended the many St Louis listening sessions at audiocircle member Dave's man cave in March!

See the GAS Audio Circle for a recent review.