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Dirac Live®

miniDSP Dirac Live® Room and Loudspeaker Correction

There is no substitute for carefully chosen and installed passive room treatment devices – absorber and diffuser panels placed at first reflection points. But those treatments are typically ineffective in the bass range.

Your room can destroy the bass as originally designed.

Restore it with room correction, and hear its power for the very first time.

Add the miniDSP Dirac Live® to your system and you will instantly hear a greater sense of acoustic space, quicker dynamics, sharper image focus, and enhanced purity of tone.

Improve the sound of any speaker in any room! Use the included microphone to measure your in-room system response. Dirac Live will smooth out the speakers’ response, and correct for your room’s signature — in amplitude, time, and phase.

Define your personal custom tonal balance on your computer screen. Then sit back and let the unit do the rest.

For more information, visit the miniDSP Dirac Series web page.

Any miniDSP product purchased from Bamberg Audio includes limited application technical support.

Technical Data

Digital Signal Processor SHARC ADSP21369 / 32bit / 333MHz
ASRC input to 216kHz
Output resolution 24 bit
Output sample rate 96kHz
Digital I/O-1 (transformer isolated) SPDIF on RCA
Digital I/O-2 (transformer isolated) AES-EBU on XLR
Digital I/O-3 Toslink Optical
PC connection (setup only) USB-A/B cable
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 41.5 x 214.5 x 200mm

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