Series 3 Designer Notes

Trickle-down technology from the Series 5 and Series 6 models.

  • 2 cubic foot woofer with large rear-firing vent delivers -3dB at 25Hz, and -6dB at 22Hz.

    4-inch diameter vent and elbow allows the woofer to be moved near the floor, inceasing amplifier headroom.

  • Large vent lowers the air velocity and distortion.
  • Stereo active-powered woofer modules act as platform stands for the separate monitor cabinets.
  • Lower cross point is high enough to reduce the floor bounce dip which occurs in the low midrange.

    And the monitor/woofer blend is less affected by room location.

  • 9-inch woofer

  • Front side is tilted back 6 degrees to better time align the three drivers, adding to the 3d sound stage effect.
  • Monitor side panels canted in 10° ; the baffle around the tweeter is kept very small to move diffraction artifacts up high in frequency, thus enhancing imaging.

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