This new speaker performs in accordance with the THX requirements, making it an excellent choice for home theater Left-Center-Right.

Bamberg 2 LCR

The 2 LCR is a multi-purpose monitor that can be used as a bookshelf left/right, or exact-matched center channel, or for identical 5/7-speaker surround speaker system.

Sealed bass alignment precisely tracks the THX target curve. A subwoofer is normally used to extend the bass, as needed for full-range or video systems playback.

The sound is very clear and neutral and matches the 2 TM's character in every way.

Of special note is how the 2.5-way crossover ensures uniform sound when the monitor is used as vertical left/right speakers with horizontal center channel. The technical specifications binder bears this out in the vertical and horizontal dispersion graphs. Further customer fine-tuning of the sound is provided by the two-position treble contour switch located on the back panel.


Introductory pricing - Only $595 each!

Product Images

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Design Features

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  • Angled facets around the tweeter to smooth the treble response, and improve imaging.
  • 1.25" thick MDF baffle, fully cross-braced at driver hole webs.
  • Acoustic scallops in woofer hole interior edges smoothes low treble response.
  • 3/4" thick MDF wall panels with fine exterior finish.
  • Interior cross brace between opposing panels.
  • 100% stuffed improves midrange clarity.
  • Deluxe 5-way binding posts, no terminal cups.


  • A 2.5-way crossover behaves like a hybrid between a 2-way (woofer-tweeter) and 3-way (woofer-midrange-tweeter). The high woofer crosses over to the tweeter like a regular 2-way, so the dispersion pattern is essentially that of a single woofer MT layout, and there is no comb filtering as with a regular MTM layout.
  • The high woofer's naturally rising response is intentionally not tilted back to level. (Refer to the specs page, blue curve.) Instead, the low woofer (brown curve) is used to fill in the lower half of the midrange, where the high woofer is lacking. Acoustically, the two woofers sum similar to a first order crossover.
  • The extra '.5' low woofer is gradually tapered out beginning at a much lower frequency; doubling the power handling, and increasing sensitivity by 6dB.


  • Voice coil windings immersed in magnetic fluid increase short term power handling capacity and reduce the compression at high power levels.
  • High Definition precoated fabric dome tweeter with an integrated wide, precoated fabric surround.
  • 5mm elastomer front plate.
  • Substantial injection molded rear chamber eliminates unwanted chamber resonances.


  • Large magnet system for faster transient response. Heavy copper rings to reduce nonlinear and modulation distortion and increase overload margin.
  • Precision cast and surface treated aluminum cone coupled to a natural rubber surround showing no sign of edge (midrange) resonances.
  • Extremely stiff and stable injection molded metal basket to keep the critical components in perfect alignment.
  • Large windows in the basket both above and below the spider to reduce sound reflection, air flow noise and cavity resonance to a minimum.

Technical Data

Complete Specifications Binder [new window]
Height 20 cm / 7.9"
Width 50 cm / 19.7"
Depth 24.5 cm / 9.7"
Weight 12.2 kg / 27 lb
Recommended amplifier power T/M/W 25-200 W
Impedance 4 Ohm
Bandwidth, -6dB 80 Hz - 26 kHz
Accuracy +/- 2.0 dB
Sensitivity, 2.8v, 1M, FS 87.5 dB
Technical Article: How to interpret these specs

Cabinet Interior View

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  • Black HighGloss

  • Maple

  • Cherry