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Bamberg 3 in Ruby Red

Bamberg 3 TMW

If your laptop, iPod, or Smartphone is a primary digital music source for your lifestyle then you must experience this active full-range speaker!

Connect your laptop, smartphone, or USB music server to achieve a high-end audio system with just a speaker upgrade. Cable your reference SPDIF digital source directly to the speaker and immediately enjoy remote control volume. Then patch your preamp or HT processor to switch among all your other routine audio/video sources.

How does it sound? Imagine a tonal balance that is neutral of course, but adds in a certain richness and power throughout the lower midrange (a Bamberg hallmark). Add to this that delicate balance between ultimate detail and silky smoothness. These speakers disappear into a deep, pinpoint, and holographic sound stage, especially if pulled out from the front wall.

Dynamic? Acoustic guitar and piano notes spring forth like a flower in bloom. Bass is tight, controlled, uncompressed. Electric or acoustic bass, and drum kits sound real. For the first time you may experience how bass actually sounds different from one album to the next — in other words, there is true bass transparency.

After more than two years in development, this new speaker epitomizes all that is technically relevant in the Bamberg 5 and 6 speakers, but in a smaller, more affordable, and more versatile format. This product has been properly engineered throughout for all aspects mechanical, electrical, and acoustic. Click on the feature boxes below for a full run-down of performance features.

Add the miniDSP SHD Studio to build a pure and simple system:

Your music → Room Correction & Control Bamberg 3

  • Single digital to analog domain change
  • Dirac® DSP room correction via microphone
  • Four user presets tailors the sound to your preference
  • Front panel display of volume, input source, preset#, RC active


$5800 pair - Full system in satin black or semi-gloss white paint
$6100 pair - Full system in standard veneer
$Upcharge - Custom veneer or automotive finishes by quote

Product Images

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Design Features

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  • Pedestal shaped cabinet acts as integral stand for monitor, setting the Reference Axis to 42" [1.1 meter] above the floor.
  • Heavy speaker weight on spikes reduces cabinet motion, which leads to very tight bass sound.
  • Stereo woofers for higher maximum SPL, lower distortion, less room interaction, and no localization cues.
  • Low elevation woofer moves floor dip frequency above the lower cross point.
  • Large 4'' elbow vent tunes cabinet to 25Hz for higher SPL and lower distortion.

DSP Tri-amplified

  • 100W / 100W / 250W amplifiers for tighter bass.
  • Active tri-amp power improves macro- and micro-dynamics from all three transducers.
  • Built-in adjustable parametric EQ filter to take out the primary room peak.


  • Higher monitor elevation leads to a subjectively larger sound stage.
  • Dreaded floor bounce is overcome with a high cross point and high midrange elevation.
  • Separate monitor decoupled from woofer cabinet via vibration absorbing rubber feet of optimal durometer.
  • Lower cross point at 430Hz moves the monitor's pass band out of the room gain region. Perfect blending of bass and midrange is maintained regardless of room conditions.
  • Reference Axis tilted up 6 degrees for improved spaciousness and image height.


  • Sloping front panels partially time-aligns the drivers, and leads to better phase alignment, which deepens the sound stage and sharpens the image focus.
  • Full time-alignment is achieved with the DSP crossover driver delays.
  • Excellent phase coherency ensures full summation throughout the blend region, which improves definition and imaging precision.
  • The woofer response has been thoroughly characterized and optimized to match a flat target.
  • The tweeter network transfer function has been carefully adjusted until the low treble does not sound overly forward nor reticent, including across a wide listening window.


  • 22mm tweeter diameter and 15cm midrange increases dispersion slightly over than more customary 1''/7'' combination. Again this leads to that ''disappearing act''.
  • Tweeter: Coated textile dome, CCAW vented VC, rear chamber, rigid shallow waveguide
  • Midrange: Fiberglass/paper cone, copper ring & pole cap, 32mm vented VC, symmetric drive motor, cast aluminum basket, high-Q suspension.
  • Woofer: Symmetric drive motor, cast aluminum basket, 51mm vented VC high-Q suspension, aluminum cone, 20mm P-P stroke

Technical Data

Complete Specifications Binder [new window]
Height 122 cm / 48.0"
Width 30.5 cm / 12.0"
Depth 44.5 cm / 17.5"
Weight 40 kg / 88 lb
Bandwidth, -6dB 22 Hz - 22 kHz
Accuracy +/- 2.5 dB
Sensitivity, 2.8v, 1M, HS 89 dB
Internal amplifier power T/M/W 100/100/250 W
Stereo analog Input Impedance 10 kOhm (RCA)
SPDIF stereo input sample rates up to 192kHz (RCA)
USB audio input connection (mini-B)
Technical Article: How to interpret these specs

CNC Cabinet - Interior View

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Grille Cloth

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Positive Feedback Online| Bamberg Audio 3TMW Review by Gary L. Beard

Out in the room a few feet to breathe, the speakers completely disappeared and left a dense and deep stage with terrific pinpoint imaging and serious dynamic punch. Philip explained to me his vision of bass reproduction and how he strives for the low end to be as transparent to the source as the midrange and treble. I can honestly say the solid center imaging and deep bass reproduction was most impressive. The Series 3 are extremely detailed with extended highs and a crisp treble sparkle. They played loudly, with a monitor-like clarity and without a hint of strain.

David wrote:

I just finished setting these up and while I may have a few questions for you later, I just wanted to say you really nailed the bass on these bad boys! I can't believe how deep these speakers dig on well recorded music! I have a JL Audio E-Sub e-112 that may not see much action going forward. My previous speakers never came close to this level of bass performance. There is a song by Budapest Eskimos called "Popular Secret" that can really test a system, and these speakers are doing a fine job so far..... I know I'm still adjusting to them and realize I need a few room treatments, but so far I'm VERY impressed! That bass.... wow!

David F.

Matt D. said ...

I had the opportunity to use these speakers with any content I wanted and get some real use out of them last week.

Over the years I've been to a lot of shows, heard a lot of speakers, and have bought and sold more speakers than I can keep track of. Surprisingly, there was a very distinct difference with these that really set them apart from everything I've heard so far. The more material I played, the more surprised I was at how perfect high, mid, and low frequencies were true to the content. Being an engineer myself, I'm always looking for problems, things to improve, and am slightly OCD, but I couldn't find a flaw on any of the tracks I played. Imaging was spectacular and the overall sound put a smile on my face. Using my laptop I played a variety of high resolution streams, FLAC, MP3's, and even a few Pandora stations. As I listened to the different types of material, all the little details added up to a system that ruthlessly pursues perfection. That's the best description I can come up with and for the first time in a long time; I wanted to listen to anything and everything just to hear them on these, and that's quite a feat as I've owned some great speakers and equipment over the years.

Beyond the sound, one of the things I liked most about these were the fact that they were powered, remote controlled, and allowed me to hook up my laptop through USB. (I love this feature and really wish I had this on my 2 channel setup.) With this option, it really makes them versatile, easily transitioning between different setups (2 channel, home theater, quick hook up with a phone, laptop, or other audio device). That's something I hadn't even considered and now that I've seen it, would want in any new speaker I purchase. Phil would get excited after hearing some of the things I played, and want to switch back to his equipment and it took no time at all. (Plug n Go.)

These speakers really impressed me, and I know there are many other audiophiles out there looking for something new, something worth getting. As for myself, I am an audio enthusiast who has been collecting, trading, and upgrading my speakers for the last 10 years and am now seriously considering selling some of my collection to get a pair of these. If you have a chance to hear these, I absolutely recommend them.

Matt D.
Carmel, IN