"The Series 5 TMW disappeared like no other speaker I have ever heard, leaving only the performers on a well placed soundstage in front of me. Bass from the amp/woofer/passive radiator towers was deep, clean and powerful."
- Dennis Young, Home Theater Shack

Bamberg 5 in Cherry-Bronze

Bamberg 5 TMW

The Series 5 is a reference grade full-range 3-way loudspeaker with exceptionally transparent and spacious sound, vibrant dynamics, and enhanced low level resolution. Best performance is achieved with high quality recordings and source equipment.

Intended uses are for audio and/or video systems in typically sized listening rooms and for moderate to maximum output requirements. This modular system is configured for active-bass / passive-monitor, and offers simple customer fine-tuning of the bass and treble bands.

Expect to experience that "hear-through" transparency not only in the treble, but all throughout the midrange. Come to understand what fully integrated and taut bass truly sounds like.

Imaging rivals planar speakers, with a large reproduction of sound stage depth and height, image focus and bloom.

Build quality is solid with high-grade parts like Cardas binding posts that bolt directly to the FR4 crossover board, Clarity capacitors, Mills resistors, and Jantzen high-bond air coils. The bass cabinet is made with real veneers and matching hardwood edges. Automotive paint graces the monitor and base plinth. The look combines the traditional with the contemporary—combinations of angles and contours catch the eye as often as the music captures the ear.

This compact speaker system sets a new performance standard from Bamberg. Since 1999, the entire design has undergone sufficiently minor iterations. You should only need to experiment with speaker placement and room treatment. We encourage you to compare its performance to any and all alternatives.


$8250 pair, direct price — paint, veneer, or combo (Compare to $16,500 pair list price)

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Design Features

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  • Pedestal shaped cabinet acts as integral stand for monitor, setting the Reference Axis to 1 meter above the floor.
  • Dual passive radiators and heavy speaker weight on spikes eliminates cabinet motion, which leads to very tight bass sound.
  • Stereo woofers for higher maximum SPL, lower distortion, less room interaction, and no localization cues.

Bass amplifier

  • Class AB (not digital) 370W amplifier for tighter bass.
  • Built-in EQ for flat response.
  • Built-in adjustable parametric EQ filter to take out the primary room peak.


  • Minimalist Tweeter-Midrange design for easy 8ohm amplifier load.
  • Separate monitor decoupled from subwoofer cabinet.
  • Lower cross point at 150Hz moves the monitor's pass band out of the room gain region. Perfect blending of bass and midrange is maintained regardless of room conditions.
  • Reference Axis tilted up 6 degrees and angled horizontally 10 degrees for improved spaciousness and image height.
  • Tweeter offset from baffle centerline for smoother SPL response.


  • Third order T-network features individually damped secondary coil and shunt cap for fine control over woofer SPL response amplitude and phase from 200 to 10kHz.
  • Trap circuit used to subdue the primary woofer cone resonance mode at 4.8kHz is precisely tuned to each driver set.
  • Impedance trap circuit is used to flatten the tweeter resonance, which lowers stop band excursion while improving the inter-driver phase difference.
  • Film/foil bypass cap installed across the main tweeter caps and series resistor. It tunes the filter characteristic while enhancing top octave transparency.
  • Excellent phase coherency ensures full summation throughout the blend region, which improves definition and imaging precision.
  • The woofer response has been thoroughly characterized and optimized to match a flat target.
  • The tweeter network transfer function has been carefully adjusted until the low treble does not sound overly forward nor reticent, including across a wide listening window.


  • 6 radial neodymium magnets for efficient ventilation and damping of every potentially resonant cavity behind the dome, surround and voice coil.
  • Underhung voice coil (+/- 0.5mm) for low distortion at high SPL. Optimally shaped coated fabric dome diaphragm with linear soft-polymer surround.
  • 6mm injection molded zinc front plate for a stiff, stable connection to the cabinet.
  • Substantial injection molded zinc rear chamber eliminates unwanted chamber resonances.


  • Large magnet system for faster transient response. Heavy copper rings to reduce nonlinear and modulation distortion and increase overload margin.
  • Precision cast and surface treated magnesium cone coupled to a natural rubber surround showing no sign of edge (midrange) resonances.
  • Extremely stiff and stable injection molded metal basket to keep the critical components in perfect alignment.
  • Large windows in the basket both above and below the spider to reduce sound reflection, air flow noise and cavity resonance to a minimum.


  • 56mm peak excursion, 25mm linear.
  • Anodized aluminum cone and fiberglass dust cap.
  • Large magnet system with aluminum shorting ring.
  • Die cast aluminum chassis, vented below spider.

Passive radiators

  • 56mm peak excursion, 25mm linear.
  • Anodized aluminum cone and fiberglass dust cap.
  • Die cast aluminum chassis, vented below spider.

Technical Data

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Height 114 cm / 44.9"
Width 39 cm / 15.4"
Depth 44 cm / 17.3"
Weight 55 kg / 120 lb
Recommended amplifier power 25-200 W
Impedance 8 Ohm
Bandwidth, -3dB 18 Hz - 20 kHz
Accuracy +/- 2.0 dB
Sensitivity, 2.8v, 1M, HS 90 dB
Technical Article: How to interpret these specs

Cabinet Interior View

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Grille Cloth

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