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“It never hurts to ask ...”


We give terrific advice which is based on your current situation, needs, and desires.
We want you to be satisfied with your purchase for the long term, and we may even advise you to save your money!
Simply contact us and tell us what's on your mind.


To maximize performance and quality at each price point, we sell internet direct worldwide.

International dealers - please contact us.

How to Order

When you are ready to order, please provide us with this information:

  • Address
  • Phone
  • Residential or Business
  • Consider that a daytime home delivery may require your signature due to the high insured value of your products.

  • We are happy to provide you with a Sales Order (Pro Forma Invoice) to formalize the items, finish, prices, shipping, and so on. You may choose to order any or all items on the SO. Your final SO then becomes the formal Invoice.

    Our business model is Direct To Consumer with Just In Time production to keep products fresh, and prices competitive. We don't do eCommerce or shopping carts because many speakers are made to order so as to provide you with special configurations and custom finish options.


    Make any check or money order payable to Bamberg Engineering, not Bamberg Audio.

    We now accept these electronic transfers. (We assess the PayPal 3% transaction fee for USA orders, and 4% for international. Please use for electronic payments.)