Dual woofer tower for more efficiency, higher output,

and increased dynamic punch.

Bamberg 5 MTM in French Blue

Bamberg 5 MTM

The Series 5 MTM is a reference grade wide-band 2-way floor-standing loudspeaker with exceptionally transparent sound, vibrant dynamics, and enhanced low level resolution. Best performance is achieved with high quality recordings and source equipment.

Intended uses are for audio or video systems in moderate to larger sized listening rooms and for moderate to higher maximum output requirements.

Expect to experience that "hear-through" transparency not only in the treble, but all throughout the midrange. The woofer-tweeter-woofer format provides that extra dose of dynamics and "punch" required by the best audio and theater setups. Highest output and full-range performance is possible when augmented with an active high-pass filter and dedicated subwoofer.

Real veneers or automotive paint options are available. We encourage you to compare its performance to any and all alternatives.


Starting at $3800 pair, paint or veneer

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Design Features

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  • High-sensitivity/High-output Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange design.
  • EBS alignment extends bass response to 32Hz.
  • 3" flared vent or optional dual drones on back panel increase mid-bass power handling.
  • No lower cross point enhances the toe-tapping drive for kick drum and electric/acoustic bass.
  • Reference Axis level for wide theater seating coverage.
  • Tweeter offset from baffle centerline for smoother SPL response.


  • Third order T-network features individually damped primary and secondary coils and shunt cap for fine control over woofer SPL amplitude and phase response from 200 to 10kHz.
  • Trap circuit used to subdue the primary woofer cone resonance mode at 4.8kHz is precisely tuned to each driver set.
  • Impedance trap circuit is used to flatten the tweeter resonance, which lowers stop band excursion while improving the inter-driver phase difference.
  • Film/foil bypass cap installed across the main tweeter caps and series resistor. It tunes the filter characteristic while enhancing top octave transparency.
  • Excellent phase coherency ensures full summation throughout the blend region, which improves definition and imaging precision.
  • The woofer response has been thoroughly characterized and optimized to match a flat target.
  • The tweeter network transfer function has been carefully adjusted until the low treble does not sound overly forward nor reticent, including across a wide horizontal listening window.


  • 6 radial neodymium magnets for efficient ventilation and damping of every potentially resonant cavity behind the dome, surround and voice coil.
  • Underhung voice coil (+/- 0.5mm) for low distortion at high SPL. Optimally shaped coated fabric dome diaphragm with linear soft-polymer surround.
  • 6mm injection molded zinc front plate for a stiff, stable connection to the cabinet.
  • Substantial injection molded zinc rear chamber eliminates unwanted chamber resonances.


  • Large magnet system for faster transient response. Heavy copper rings to reduce nonlinear and modulation distortion and increase overload margin.
  • Precision cast and surface treated magnesium cone coupled to a natural rubber surround showing no sign of edge (midrange) resonances.
  • Extremely stiff and stable injection molded metal basket to keep the critical components in perfect alignment.
  • Large windows in the basket both above and below the spider to reduce sound reflection, air flow noise and cavity resonance to a minimum.

Passive radiators

  • Extra-cost option. (3" flared vent is standard.)
  • Allows placement of speaker very close to a wall.
  • Prevents all leakage of midrange from cabinet interior.
  • 19mm peak-to-peak excursion.
  • Die cast aluminum chassis, vented below spider.

Technical Data

Complete Specifications Binder [new window]
Height 108.2 cm / 42.6"
Width 27.4 cm / 10.8"
Depth 40.9 cm / 16.1"
Weight 29 kg / 63 lb
Recommended amplifier power 25-200 W
Input Impedance 4 Ohm
Bandwidth, -6dB 46 Hz - 20 kHz
Accuracy +/- 2.5 dB
Sensitivity, 2.8v, 1M, FS 88.5 dB
Technical Article: How to interpret these specs

Cabinet Interior View

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Grille Cloth

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The speakers arrived this evening. They are absolutely gorgeous! I don't know if I could ever hope to replicate the smooth finish in a speaker. Unfortunately, by the time I was able to listen it was late and my wife and kids were asleep, so I had to listen at low volume.

I don't know how much my first impressions mean at such reduced levels but I was struck by their clarity; music seems to jump at me from a black background. I'm generally not given to hyperbole, but that is my distinct first impression. It's analogous to looking through a window that's just been thoroughly cleaned. I'm impressed and that's just from a fairly short low volume listening session. I'll listen at normal (loud) levels tomorrow and report my impressions to you.

I did get to give the speakers a good workout the day after I received them. They are about as good as I've ever heard in my opinion. The sound seems as if it emanates from somewhere other than the speakers. The overall balance seemed just about right for my tastes and they will play plenty loud. They have that elusive enhanced "black level" people have been discussing on the board-something I had not experienced before and had been skeptical about.

Robert C.
Decatur, GA